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(C8)(H10)(N4)(O2) (cc) 2006.01.07 140 BPM. Fm. No loops of any kind. Created with FL Studio and Adobe Audition.
AE-35 (cc) 2003.09.07 125 BPM. Gb Lydian mode. Created with FL Studio, Absynth, RCG Audio Pentagon, and Cool Edit Pro. Samples from various movies including 2001, Strange Days, The Shining, and The Prophecy (?). Personal rating: 10/10. Everything in this song sounds exactly like I wanted it to.
Awkward Boehner album - Hellnation (Dead Kennedys cover) (© original artist) 2014.02.05
Awkward Boehner album - Culte Des Mortes (Cerebral Fix cover) (© original artist) 2014.02.05 Remastered, new bassline.
Awkward Boehner album - Atom Bomb (Turbonegro cover) (© original artist) 2014.02.05
Awkward Boehner album - Discontent (Poison Idea cover) (© original artist) 2014.02.05
BEM (cc) 2013.04.23 182BPM. D Phrygian mode. Samples from various PD movies, courtesy of Loopmasters. Late addition: I just realized I missed a referential opportunity in the ID3 by using Oppy instead of Einstein. Well, there it is. Enjoy.
Blind Rage (cc) 2013.09.02 156BPM. C Phrygian mode.
Bootstrapped (cc) 2013.09.19 126.187 BPM. Bm modulating to B Phrygian mode.
Crash (cc) 2004 140 BPM. C Phrygian mode. Created with FL Studio and Cool Edit Pro. I spent a lot more time than usual in mastering this song, and I hope it shows. The title is a metaphor with more than one meaning, as explained through the movie samples. For the record, I think UFO conspiracy theorists are kooks, but you can't beat that sample.
Dead Voices (cc) 2013.04.29 128 BPM, E Phrygian mode. I know the Judica-Cordiglia recordings were hoaxes, but they're still fucking creepy.
Despair (cc) 2013.03.05 144BPM. F# Phrygian modulating to B harmonic minor. Samples include Kristin Hughes reading from "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley (Librivox).
Disconnect (Voice of an Angel mix) (cc) 2004.07.20 100 BPM. CMaj. Created with FL Studio and Adobe Audition.
East End Girls (cc) 2013.05.20 112 BPM. Cm. Samples from a couple of PD movies.
Embers to Ashes (cc) 2013.05.27 156 BPM. E Phrygian mode. Samples from various PD sources.
Father's Day (cc) 2007.06.13 155bpm. G Harmonic minor. Created with FL Studio 7. The sample is my son, Dustin, from when he was 2.
Forgotten (cc) 2013.09.19 123 BPM. E Locrian mode.
Frenetic (cc) 2012.10.18 160bpm. Ab minor. Created with FL Studio 10 and CuBase.
From Their Cold, Dead Hands (cc) 2013.02.12 133bpm. Cm. Created with FL Studio 10 and CuBase. Samples are from LibriVox: Henry Frigon reading from "Beowulf" and Kristin Hughes reading from "Drunk" (D.H. Lawrence), "Jabberwocky" (Lewis Carroll), "The Tiger" (William Blake), and The Kraken (Alfred, Lord Tennyson).
Hope Springs Eternal (cc) 2013.10.21 133bpm. Dm. Samples from Kristin Hughes reading for LibriVox.
Imprint (cc) 2009.07.19 136 BPM. Cm. Created with FL Studio Pro and CuBase. Samples from the following public domain films: Radiological Defense (1961), The Atom Strikes (1945), and's newsreel films from 1946.06.06 and 1947.10.20.
Imprinted (cc) 2011.04.12 "Imprint" remix. Cm. Created with FL Studio Pro and CuBase.
Interlude: Eat a Bag of Dicks (cc) 2013.04.01 155 BPM. Am. Custom VST synth.
Kinshasa Highway (cc) 2003.04.07 131 BPM. Created with Fruityloops and Cool Edit Pro. Personal rating: 5/10. The samples are great and the mastering is fairly clear, but this one didn't come together as well as I'd hoped.
Lacrimae Draconis (Kailasicz) (© can't use 30-year-old movie samples legally) 2011.01.20 120 BPM. C Phrygian mode. This is actually a very old song that I finally got around to finishing. It needed a lot of polish and rearranging as well, but I'm happy with the end result. Samples from Excalibur.
Long Pig (cc) 2002 Soylent Green. It's what's for dinner. 140 BPM. Personal rating: 7.5/10. I had fun with the samples and drum programming, but this is too repetitive.
Main Sequence (cc) 2003 Created with FL Studio and Cool Edit Pro. 120 BPM. C Mixolydian mode. Personal rating: 10/10. No complaints.
Motherfucker (cc) 2009.08.25 138BPM. C Phrygian mode. 303, 808, and vocoder. this is my first attempt at hard acid.
Neural Net (cc) 2003.08.09 10^10 nodes. 135 BPM. C Locrian mode. Personal rating: 10/10. I'm especially proud of the drum programming here.
Next Phase (cc) 2013.03.19 100bpm. Cm. Samples taken from the public domain films Out of This World and Always Tomorrow (available on, and Dr. Ian Spielman.
PreEmpt (cc) 2009.06.10 138 BPM. D Phrygian mode. Samples from Hunt for Red October, The Prophecy and Planet of the Apes. Made with FL Studio Pro 8.0 and CuBase SX 3.
QKD (cc) 2013.09.12 130BPM. Dm modulating to A Locrian mode.
Sundevil (cc) 2014.04.15 175BPM. Eb Phyrigian mode.
The 12th of January (cc) 2002.11.27 190 BPM. All drums programmed from scratch. No loops were used. Personal rating: 6/10. I'm happy with my breakbeat-from-scratch here, but I should have mixed it up a little.
The Art of War (cc) 2012.10.24 140bpm. C Phrygian mode. FL Studio Pro and Cubase. Thanks to Paul Sze and LibriVox for the PD samples; see for more.
The Information Age (-rw-rw-rw- mix) (cc) 2002 140 BPM. Em. Created with FruityLoops and Cool Edit Pro. Personal rating: 7.5/10. The main melody and bass lines are FL "randomize" functions, which loses me some points for originality.
The Worship of the Whip (cc) 2013.03.25 150BPM. Em modulating to E Phrygian mode. Samples from A Word to the Wives, Perversion for Profit and Shake Hands with Danger (available on
WTF? (cc) 2003.09.07 B Phrygian mode. Created with FL Studio and Cool Edit Pro. Profanity courtesy of Madonna. 160 BPM. Personal rating: 7/10. Kind of boring.
Assemblage 23 - Binary (Club Dalek mix) (© original artist) 2007.05.11 140 BPM. Created with FL Studio and Adobe Audition. Same song as the one below, with samples (NOT cleared by BBC--please don't sue me) and overcompressed for club play.
Assemblage 23 - Binary (Steve Pordon remix) (© original artist) 2007.05.11 140bpm. Created with FL Studio 7. This is a remix of Assemblage 23's new single off of the great Meta album. Vocals are (c) A23/Tom Shear.
Beastie Boys - Car Thief (Steve Pordon's Cheeba City remix) (© original artist) 2005.12.03 115 BPM. Created with FL Studio and Adobe Audition.
BT-Communicate (Steve Pordon's Dead Language remix) (© original artist) 2004 134 bpm. Created with FL Studio and Adobe Audition. Main vox & recurring vox: Jan Johnston. Additional vox: Bjork.
Conjure One - Face the Music (Steve Pordon remix) (© original artist) 2006.09.28 140 bpm. Created with FL Studio and Audition 2.
Daft Punk - End of Line (Steve Pordon remix) (© original artist) 2012.12.02 A proper remix for once (sort of)...
Delerium - After All (Steve Pordon remix) (© original artist) 2004.04.21 109 BPM. Created about a year too late for Delerium's remix contest. I used FL Studio and Cool Edit Pro. Vox, acoustic guitar, and some synth samples are (c) Delerium.
Lisa DeBenedictis - Crooked Mile (Steve Pordon remix).mp3 (© original artist) 2012.04.03 90 bpm. Created with FL Studio, CuBase and vocals from Lisa DeBenedictis.
Lisa DeBenedictis - Cuckoo (Steve Pordon remix) (© original artist) 2007.05.01 156 bpm. Created with FL Studio, Adobe Audition and vocals from Lisa DeBenedictis.
Little Dragon - Blinking Pigs (Steve Pordon remix) (© original artist) 2009.12.13 My entry to the Filter magazine remix contest.
Metro (Berlin cover) (© original artist) 2007.02.04 v1.01. 210 BPM. Made with FL Studio.
Molly's Song (Roger Waters cover) (© original artist) 2004 120 BPM. Created with FL Studio and Adobe Audition. The intro dialog between Billy and Jim goes like this: "I'm sorry, Jim. I was miles away, keeping an eye on Molly. / You were keeping an eye on Molly? I thought Molly lived in Wales. / With a certain optical-enhanced surveillance satellite I can read a newspaper from five hundred miles high, Jim. / Let me get this straight. You're trying to tell me that you can keep an eye on Molly by hacking into a government satellite? Come on."

You won't find a correct transcription anywhere online, including Waters' official website (minor problems like "optic" instead of "optical").

Tori Amos - Upside Down (Steve Pordon's Inside Out mix) (© original artist) 2002 180 BPM. Created with FruityLoops, Cool Edit Pro and a live performance of "Upside Down" by Tori.
Chrono Trigger (Long Lost Sister mix) (© original artist) 2006.02.02 135 BPM. Recorded with FL Studio and Adobe Audition.
FF6--Mystic Forest (Back to the Roots mix) (© original artist) 2003.10.28 "Back to the Roots" because all my songs used to be in this format: 2 acoustic guitars with a distorted lead, no drums, no bass.
Oblivion (Title theme) (© original artist) 2007.07.10 Remix of the title screen music. 100BPM. Created with FL Studio and some guitars. v1.0
Pulseman (Stereo Superhero mix) (© original artist) 2007.07.10 My take on the "Stereo Protect" music from the Genesis game Pulseman, using voice samples from the game. 150 BPM. Created with Impulse Tracker 3.12 and Cool Edit Pro.
Seiken Densetsu Suite (Adventurous mix) (© original artist) 2004.12.03 150 BPM. This is an update to my original tribute to Seiken Densetsu, 10 years ago (I used Screamtracker originally!). v1.01 (remastered)
Silent Hill - Static Aversion (Children of the
Monkey Machine and Steve Pordon)
(© original artist)
2001 OCRemix Release version. 126kbit VBR. and
Silent Hill 2 - True (It's Gone Now mix) (© original artist) 2002 The title is a response to the Wingless' excellent "There Was a Hole Here" remix. 155 BPM. v1.01 (remastered). Created with Fruityloops and Cool Edit Pro.
Undying - Lizbeth's Reawakening (© original artist) 2007.08.02 v1.1 (re-mixed): 170, 200 and 180BPM. 10 guitars, a bass, BFD drums, and a piano VST. Toss lightly in FL Studio and CuBase. Serve with a generous portion of evil ghosts.