No-frills page for the CyberLockPick and CyberLockPick CUDA Edition red team tools until I get around to making it suck less, probably.

Link to first paper
Link to LockCon 2014 presentation on electronic vulns

CyberLockPick (current version: 1.9)

Source: clpick.c
    Additional required files: crcmodel.c, crcmodel.h

Compile with
    gcc -o clpick clpick.c crcmodel.c -lpthread -std=c11 -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199309L -O3
...on Linux and Windows,

    gcc -o clpick clpick.c crcmodel.c -lpthread -std=c11 -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199309L -O3 -D_DARWIN_C_SOURCE
...on OSX.

Compiled static binaries and SHA-256 checksums:
    Linux 29024a729fcc3e8e9fcdaf7ba09a15aaa33402c465cc3facf714f91639d2fe28
    Windows a6095ce122812c35ee666e80afcd08d8f564a2d242e8054b30c3278006b2bb55
    OSX 17bea57475c9c453c51345cb324cb785701ab96845504a841ffafaaf3fc70001

Additional support files:
    Unit testing script (runs commands you can compare with expected results):
    Test files for script:

Older versions directory:

CyberLockPick CUDA Edition (current version: 1.1)


Compile with
    nvcc -O3 -o clpick-cuda

Compiled static binaries and SHA-256 checksums:
    Linux, GPU Compute Capability 8.0 20153149ad107ae64a3233077788fa12c95dd5204333e671db7e8f59b9ddbcd1
    Linux, GPU Compute Capability 8.6 72e56711e84a214013c8da90856d3187a22e059973aa60fff58146afc594bf04
    Windows, GPU Compute Capability 8.0 2db44301bc7f7f434bf05cb912556231cb8a26a696dfd44b53248ac795a9f083
    Windows, GPU Compute Capability 8.6 6d26831dfe9fb82e703766967c54d7ae114446d4940b2cccf90285fbf3a0159a