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Legal stuff Sorry...I'm winging it this time, since I haven't had a chance to reistall Word Perfect yet (in fact, this whole issue was done with qedit...feh). All stories belong to their respective authors. You must contact the author for permission to reprint his or her story. In addition, you must pay me a $100 finder's fee for each reprint. I remind you again that this is the parody issue. :) All other shit in _Entropy_ belongs to me, Steve Pordon, and *you* can't have it, you goddamn leeching scum. DISCLAIMER: My opinions and statements are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my authors. Don't sue them, sue me. Actually, don't sue me, either.
Editorial Welcome to issue 4 of _Entropy_. This is the long-awaited parody issue. I wasn't going to do this one for another few months, but all my submissions this month were parodies.... "Cheap Trek: Voyager" was going to be my parody for this issue. I haven't actually written it yet, and I see I have about 19 minutes to release this thing to make the 2/1 deadline. Sorry. I'll write it up for the next parody issue. * * * I promised Media Play that they would pay for their stupidity, but I decided to wait until the trial was over before I exposed their harrassment. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, read on: I was downtown in October of 1995 for a 2600 meeting. The meetings are held every month and are generally informal gatherings, where we discuss things like computer and telco security (OK, they're hacker meetings). We went into Media Play as a group of about 20 people, and split up into smaller groups in the store. I looked at the Japanese animation videos for a while (I need my anime fix every month), and left the store with everybody else when I noticed them gathering at the front. We waited around at the front of the store for one of the hackers who was still inside the store. A security guard from Media Play (who didn't identify himself in any way at this time) came out and told us that he would call the police if we didn't leave the *public* sidewalk; we went over to some benches to wait. I decided to go back into the store to check on a book and see if I could find the missing hacker, and jokingly told the others to call a lawyer if I wasn't out in 5 minutes. I went back into the store and looked around for a couple of minutes, and then checked on the book (_The Devil Mnemnoch_ (sp?) by Anne Rice, in case you care). When I started to leave, the security guard stopped me and finally got around to identifying himself as Media Play security. I went with him to the back of the store (since I had done nothing wrong, I figured I could clear up his mistake quickly). When he asked me if I had been asked to leave, I told him that I hadn't, and that I had left the sidewalk when he requested that I do so. He asked me if I was with the group who was on the sidewalk, and I told him that I was. He then told me he was pressing charges for tresspassing, apparently because I was hanging out on a public sidewalk in front of his store. While I was waiting for the cops to get there, another member of the group (Stakeout) came down to use the bathroom. I told him to get the hell out unless he wanted to be ticketed. The security guard came over and asked him if he was one of the ones who had been asked to leave, and Stakeout replied that he had been on the benches. The guard let him go. When the cops got there, the guard very stupidly gave his name to them within my hearing. His name is Brian Quinlin, and it is now public information. I won't harrass Brian myself, but some people are childish enough to do so continuously. I'll print up some MP numbers later. I found out later that some of the younger hackers there had been knocking over the merchandise and were asked to leave. However, I wasn't around them when this happened (they admitted to it), and so I couldn't have been asked to leave. But Media Play needed someone to take responsibility for these people who attended an open meeting, and it turned out to be me. I sent a letter to the store manager, the Regional Manager, and the company President. After a three-week wait, I got a return letter from some flunky which said they were "investigating" the matter. When my court date rolled around with no further reply from Media Play, I assumed that they had not dropped the charges against me, so I went to court. Brian didn't show up, and the case was dismissed. I've lost several days of both work and school (the trial was set on the first day of spring classes) because of this. The irresponsibility and unprofessional actions of Media Play have disgusted me to no end. Media Play is owned by the Musicland Corporation. I promised them that several million readers would be informed of the unprofessional security they hire, and I'm delivering in full. Some info for your edification: President: Larry Gaines 10400 Yellow Circle Dr. Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343 Regional Manager: Rodney Oberle 13600 E. Mississippi Ave. Aurora, CO 80012 Phone numbers: Milpitas, CA (408) 934-1844 Aurora, CO (303) 338-1970 Colorado Springs, CO (719) 573-1977 Denver, CO (ask for Brian) (303) 893-1977 Littleton, CO (303) 933-7510 Westminster, CO (303) 456-1991 Daytona Beach, FL (904) 254-7824 Gainesville, FL (904) 331-1429 Alpharetta, GA (770) 667-3644 Duluth, GA (770) 476-1504 Dunwoody, GA (770) 481-0777 Kennesaw, GA (770) 425-8387 Macon, GA (912) 781-0055 Marietta, GA (770) 565-5909 Morrow, GA (770) 471-2609 Savannah, GA (912) 925-9201 Smyrna, GA (404) 333-1822 Stone Mountain, GA (404) 879-5557 Rockford, IL (815) 226-1470 Indianapolis, IN (317) 290-1791 (317) 899-0498 Florence, KY (606) 647-6950 Hadley, MA (413) 582-0410 Worcester, MA (508) 767-1100 Clinton Township, MI (810) 790-0476 Grand Rapids, MI (616) 785-0084 Pontiac, MI (810) 745-0225 Saginaw, MI (517) 799-8993 Southfield, MI (810) 351-0258 Utica, MI (810) 997-3400 Coon Rapids, MN (612) 780-8868 Maplewood, MN (612) 777-0035 St. Cloud, MN (612) 240-9228 Albuquerque, NM (505) 296-2500 Albany, NY (518) 869-1377 Amherst, NY (716) 837-3722 Dewitt, NY (315) 446-5582 Hamburg, NY (716) 826-4353 Middletown, NY (914) 342-6955 Niagra Falls, NY (716) 297-7691 North Syracuse, NY (315) 455-0195 Poughkeepsie, NY (914) 298-7353 Rochester, NY (716) 292-5700 Schenectady, NY (518) 372-0355 Williamsville, NY (716) 633-9456 Charlotte, NC (704) 525-2416 (704) 595-9956 Hickory, NC (704) 345-0889 Matthews, NC (704) 847-4103 Fargo, ND (701) 282-2050 Cincinnati, OH (513) 531-5250 (513) 481-4775 Columbus, OH (614) 272-8400 (614) 863-3223 (614) 766-9499 Toledo, OH (419) 843-4488 Tulsa, OK (918) 250-5158 Erie, PA (814) 864-5838 Antioch, TN (615) 731-4345 Madison, TN (615) 851-1586 Humble, TX (713) 540-4442 Houston, TX (713) 947-9555 (713) 932-8992 (713) 723-8575 (713) 873-5555 (713) 568-9981 (713) 266-2774 Midvale, UT (801) 568-0220 Ogden, UT (801) 627-0390 Orem, UT (801) 221-2993 One of these days I'll get around to SE'ing some fax numbers for Denver out of these schmucks. I suppose if you're really in a hurry to get the fax numbers, you can try the old sequential office numbering trick. Who knows; you might even find some modems. This editorial will be submitted for concurrent release in F.U.C.K. (Fucked Up College Kids). It will also be submitted to PLA for conurrent publication.
SPEND MONEY FAST! [as revised by Aburt] Just about everyone is interested in trying to spend money. Some of us have better luck than others. What follows is a sure-fire method of spending money, FAST, EASY, and legally. It works, folks! It really works! Take a moment, and read through the following text. If it appeals to you, well then, good luck to you! If not, pass along to some people you know... perhaps they'll turn it into something (and maybe they'll share their wealth with you ;) Either way, I wish you all the best of luck! --------------------------------------------------------- Dear Friends, My name is Dave Rhodes. In September 1988 my car wasn't reposessed and the bill collectors weren't hounding me like they are now. I wasn't laid off and my unemployment checks hadn't run out. The only escape I had from the pressure of success was my computer and my modem. I longed to turn my vocation into my avocation. This January 1989 my family and I couldn't afford a one day hiking trip in a state park, let alone a cruise to the tropics. I had to sell my Lincoln Town Car for food in Feburary 1989. I am currently building a home on the West Coast of Florida made from old cardboard boxes, with a private swamp, nearby boat slip, and a beautiful view of the bay from my breakfast room table and patio under the bridge. I will never be able to work again. Before, I was rich! I have spent over $400,000.00 (Four Hundred Thousand Dollars) a month and then spent a million more within 4 or 5 months. Anyone can do the same. This money spending program works perfectly every time, 100% of the time. I have NEVER failed to spend $50,000.00 or more whenever I wanted. Best of all you never have to leave home except to go to your mailbox or post office, when evicted, or during high tide or heavy rains. In October 1988, I received a letter in the mail telling me how I could spend $50,000 dollars or more whenever I wanted. I was naturally very skeptical and threw the letter on the desk next to my computer. It's funny though, when you aren't desperate, backed into a corner, your mind does stupid things. I spent a frustating minute lighting fires with the want ads for jobs with a future. The pickings were sparse at best. That night I tried to unwind by booting up my computer and calling several bulletin boards. I read several of the message posts and than glanced at the letter next to the computer. All at once it came to me, I now had the key to my dreams. I realized that with the power of the computer I could expand and enhance this money spending formula into the most unbelievable cash flow generator that has ever been created. I substituted the computer bulletin boards in place of the post office and electronically did by computer what others were doing 100% by mail. Now only a few letters are mailed manually. Most of the hard work is speedily downloaded to other bulletin boards throughout the world. If you believe that someday you deserve that lucky break that you have planned for all your life, simply follow the easy instructions below. Your dreams will come true. Sincerely yours, Dave Rhodes INSTRUCTIONS Follow these instructions EXACTLY, and in 20 to 60 days you will have spent well over $50,000.00 cash, all yours. This program has remained successful because of the honesty and integrety of the participants. Please continue its success by carefully adhering to the instructions. Welcome to the world of Mail Order! This little business is a little different than most mail order houses. Your product is not solid and tangible, but rather a service. You are in the business of buying Mailing lists. Many large corporations are happy to charge big bucks for quality lists. (The money spent on the mailing lists are secondary to the income which is spent from people like yourself requesting that they not be included in other lists.) 1) Immediately mail to all the names listed below starting at number 1. Enclose a note with each letter stating: "Please delete my name from your mailing lists and mail me $1." For other countries the equvielent amount may be requested, e.g. in Hong Kong Send HK$10 as this is the lowest denomination note. Request CASH only please. (This is a legitimate service that you are requesting and you are asking $1.00 for this service). 2) Move the names down one position. (Number 1 will become number 2 and number 2 will become number 3, etc.) Place your name, address and zip code in the number 1 position. 3) Post the new letter with your name in the number 1 position into 10 (Ten) separate bulletin boards in the message base or to the file section, call the file, SPEND.MONEY.FAST. The more boards you post to the more money you'll spend! 4) When anyone requests that you remove their name from your lists, do so and send them the $1 they requested. Send more if you feel generous. For additional spending, tell them you'll remove it for ONE MONTH, and that they should request you remove it again EACH MONTH. (Of course, you send them $1 or more each time.) 5) Within 60 days you will spend over $50,000.00 in CASH. Keep a copy of this file for yourself so that you can use it again and again whenever you don't need money. As soon as you mail out these letters you are automatically out of the mail order business and your are sending people $1.00 to be removed from your mailing list. You can also rent from a list broker that can be found in the Yellow Pages to spend additional income on a regular basis. This is a service. This is perfectly legal. If you have any doubts, refer to Title 18, Sec. 1302 & 1341 of the postal lottery laws. 6) Note you may receive some small return initially, when people send you money for being removed from their lists. It is probably best to donate this money to charity. NOTE: Make sure you retain EVERY Name and Address sent to you, either on computer or hard copy, but do not discard the names and notes they send you. This is PROOF that you are truely providing a service and should the IRS or some other Government Agency question you, you can provide them with this proof! Remember as each post is downloaded and the instructions carefully followed, members will be nicked for their participation as a List Developer for one dollar each. Your name will move down the list geometrically so that when your name reaches the number five position you will be spending thousands of dollars in cash. 1. Hong Yang 99 S. Rock Hampton Dr. Madison, AL 35758 2. Bobby Dee 89 Prospect Ave. Kentville, N.S B4N 2M1 Canada 3. Steven J. Cambria 203 Oakvale Blvd Kenmore, NY 14223 4. Fredick Dihlman Box 388 St. Bonaventure Univ. 5. Dennis Le 8142 19th Street Westminster, CA 92683 6. Toni Mason 2405A Landmark Raleigh, NC 27607 7. Kalen Schulteis Box 1622 5500 Wabash Avenue Terre Haute, IN 47803 8. Anthony M. Mazzola III C.P.U. 171 300 Grace Watson Circle Rochester, New York 14623 9. Andy Orion Grum 8917 Dulins Knob Ct. Matthews, NC 28105 10. R. DeFrancesco P.O. Box 148 West Berlin, NJ 08091 The following letters were written by participating members in this program. To Whom It May Concern: About six months ago I received the enclosed post in letter form. I ignored it. I received about five more of the same letter within the next two weeks. I ignored them also. Of course, I was tempted to follow through and dreamed of spending thousands, but I was convinced it was just another gimmick and could not possibly work. I was wrong! About three weeks later I saw this same letter posted on a local bulletin board in Montreal. I liked the idea of giving it a try with my computer. I didn't expect much because I figured, if other people were as skeptical as I, they wouldn't be too quick to part with Five Dollars. But, I buy lottery tickets hourly in my province and have nothing to show for it but ticket stubs. I addressed the envelopes and asked for one dollar in each as directed. Two weeks went by and I didn't recieve anything in the mail. The fourth week rolled around and I couldn't believe what happened! I can't say I spent $50,000, but it was definitely well over $35,000! For the first time in ten years, I got into debt. It was great. Of course, it didn't take me long to go through my life-savings so I am using this excellent money opportunity once again. Follow the instructions and get ready to enjoy. Please send a copy of this letter along with the enclosed letter so together we can convince people who are skeptical that it really works! Good Luck, Charles Kust St Agathe Que. Another letter: I tried a similar program in which the cost was $5.00 per response. In that one the return was about 3%. Since I did not have a modem I sent out letters regular mail. I created a few mailing labels and printed out all of the labels on pressure sensitive tape. The first mailing that I used the $1.00 dollar per reponse approach I started to get return mail in just over one week! I sent out 200 letters instead of 100 that is required if you use the mail instead of the bulletion boards. Additionally, I included as many friends, relatives, classmates, that I could think of in order to encourage their participation if they happened to recognize my name, so my percentage of gain was higher. I am trying again with 500 letters to see if I surpass the $141,000 of the last time. You just won't believe it until you try. Best Wishes, Mark Garner Dallas Texas Additional Notes: This system works equally well if mailed out manually. Mind you it takes more effort to hand address the envelopes and the cost goes up proportionately to cover the postage and envelopes. You must also photo copy the instructions, cross out the name in number one position, write in your name in the number ten slot and change the rest of the numbers accordingly. (It might be neater to use white out or paste over the names.) In order to achieve the same results you must ask for the $1.00 from the first five names and then send out another 100 letters with copies of the program enclosed. It has been suggested not to put a return address on the outside of the envelope in order to encourage the recipient to open it. The outlay will approximate that then spent from the posts listed on the bulletin boards. Hello, my name is Steve Prester. As you may have noticed I'm the tenth name on this list, so I do not have a riches-to-rags story to tell here. However, I did make a phone call to the 2nd name on this list, Ernest Goyette. Did he have a riches to rags story to tell? Not exactly, but then I found out that he did not follow the instructions precisely. You see, Ernest lost faith in the program before he had finished following instructions. He only uploaded this file on one BBS, which happens to be operated by Darryl McGinnis, the 3rd name on this list. Ernest told me that he has spent $92.00 to date (1/6/90). I realize this is far from the $50,000.00 promised at the first of this file, yet one must keep two things in mind: 1. $92.00 is almost 10 times his initial investment, and it only took about an hour of his time (there's nothing to lose). 2. This program works mathematically on an exponential scale. In other words, for every one BBS that this file is uploaded onto, it should spread to at least ten other BBSs and possibly a whole lot more. So, if Ernest had uploaded his file on all ten BBSs, he should have at least spent a hundred-fold of what he has, which would be $9200.00. Not bad for a few hours work and a $6.25 investment (including postage). Finally, I would like to exhort those who become involved in this program to maintain its integrity by being honest. It is the only way that it can possibly pay off. In other words, be sure to enter your name at the bottom of the list and not in one of the bottom five positions (actually this would be robbing yourself since it is while your name is in the lower positions that it gets multiplied exponentially over hundreds of BBSs). And, of course, request your $1.00 from the first five names. As I write this I have not spent a penny (that's because I have not uploaded this yet), but I thought you might like to hear from someone at the top of the list, instead of someone claiming riches-to-rags. I hope such is true, and I'm sure it will be if we all stick with it. The potential is definitely here! P.S. Call me collect if you get poor. Hello, I am the current #1 on the list, I too am sceptical. Well what do we all have to lose. It is worth a try in order to realize some substantial loss. Do any of you out there want to upgrade your PC's. I certainly don't, but can afford to. I hope that this program will lose enough cash in order to save me from buying a super system. Nua Nicaj ---------------------------------------------------- Hey There! Glad your thinking about this seriously because I am! If all these people are spending money then why not be included with them and get some also? I'm going to be #1 on this list, and Im uploading it everywhere! If you have the access :) then follow through, upload it, and see what happens! Hey, Imagine spending enough to buy a 486? or one of those high speed modems that cost hundreds of dollars? What about buying your OWN BBS ? Who wouldnt want to be the Sys-Op of their VERY OWN board? I know I wouldnt mind :) What do you have to lose but 5 bucks compared to the hundreds and thousands you CAN spend? I know Im down.. Will you be the very next to SPEND some cash? Talib Khan ---------------------------------------------------- Hello, I'm Stephanie Kemach and I am now the first person on this list. I'm trying out this idea in the hopes that it will pan out, but I've never seen anything like this before. Still, for a meager investment of $5.00, what do any of us have to lose? It's worth a try and I'm trying it out now. Good luck to everyone else who uses this great-looking money-spending idea. ---------------------------------------------------- This is John Gibbs, call me Gibber. Stephanie is no longer the first on this list, hopefully I can say the same soon. I agree that the investment is quite meager, let's see if everybody can benefit from it. Just a note that Canadians will be happy to accept American money at par if it is possible. Good luck to all! Bon Chance, Au Revoir. ---------------------------------------------------- Hi this is Jurgen Kreisel, please delete my name from your mailing list and send me a $1. Hell, send me more if you feel really stupid. ---------------------------------------------------- Hi! I guess I'm now No#1. I have never done anything like this before. I never even reply to chain letters. I guess I am doing this one coz I think its actually gonna work. If it doesn't I simply lose a bit of money (which I probably would have lost at the race meet tommorow anyways). Time to find out if this thing really works.... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, I am No.#1.!!!!! I think this chain letter is quite interesting......and worthy... So..I try it now.....and It can help anyone to not upgrade his computer only by investment of "US$5.00" or "HK$50.00". Finally, Anyone see this mail, please join this activity.. and please be honest!!! Don't add your name at the bottom 5 instead of the top of the mailing list!!!!!!! Furthermore, Please request the money of the first 5 people!!!! Kit, 13/2/1994 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- One word of advice: follow the instructions--this really works! Request money of the first five people, maintain this listing correctly, and it'll work magic for you... Good Luck To All.
The Mailbox [Editor's note: this is a parody of two usenet posters who have been in a protracted flamewar with one another for about a year now] The road ahead wobbled as Michael Mancini wheeled his Chevy pickup down the cratered ribbon of asphalt that led home. The sun had slipped away earlier, the rural darkness split open by the powerful beams of the truck and the occasional farmhouse beacon. The familiar sight of his house grew in the distance, a sodium vapor lamp starkly illuminating a peeling wood frame building. He wheeled into the drive and jerked to a stop. Hungry and tired after a long miserable day and not thinking very much, he walked to the cheap aluminum mailbox and reached in... *Snap!* Mancini screamed and jerked his throbbing hand from the box, cringing when he saw the rat trap biting deep into his fingers. As he pried the trap loose, he could hear Keegan laughing--no, bellowing from his porch across the road. "Damn, damn, damn," Mancini muttered. It had been weeks since he nailed Keegan and he had been careful since. Until tonight. Keegan yelled, "Hey Mancini, I got me a kingsized rat's ass tonight, huh?" then continued rolling about his porch. No doubt about it, Keegan had fixed him good. Mancini was certain that at least two fingers were broken. Well, one good turn deserved another, and Mancini decided to make it something the bastard would never forget. An idea began to form in his head. As he sat, having his fingers wrapped by a pretty young peach of a nurse, he explained how it all started. "I gotta admit I started it," he said. "About a year ago, I put a pile of dog shit in his mailbox just for laughs. Well, Keegs didn't take it so well. A week later he put a bloody pig's heart in my box--boy was that a mess...whoa, careful there dear. I got him back though. Put a dead skunk in his box. Sucker had to go out and buy a new mailbox." The nurse was condescending, surely wondering how two grown men could act so childishly. Mancini continued, explaining how they had first taken turns blowing each others mailbox to bits with cherry bombs. When that became too expensive, their pranks grew more inventive, exchanging various dead animals, bloody pieces of anatomy, heaps of dog shit, horrendous stink bombs, live rats and snakes, cow flops, bees, hornets, rotten eggs, poison ivy, broken glass, and a porcupine. "That's when things turned nasty." "Sounds like they were anyway. What do your neighbors think of all this?" "Don't have no neighbors. Keegan and I live out of town, right across from each other. Next house is half a mile away." "What about the mailman?" "Comes in the morning. We always do our stuff after he's been." "How clever of you." "So what you doing tonight, doll?" "Going home to my husband." The following morning, Mancini stood at his window and watched Keegan's rusty Suburban lumber down the road towards the highway. The mailman, prompt as usual, made his appointed rounds at eight. Mancini watched him pull away, crushed the beer can he had been drinking from, and strolled over to Keegan's house. Rummaging around in the garage, he found a tangle of long brown extension cords. Mancini hummed tunelessly as he ran the cords from the garage to the mailbox, concealing the wire in the grass. Cutting the end from the final cord, he separated the wires and attached one to the mailbox. The other he buried in the ground where Keegan would stand when he picked up the mail. Beautiful day for an execution, Mancini thought as he soaked the ground around the box with a garden hose. It was hot and humid, the hint of thunderheads blooming to the west. He plugged in the extension cord and ran back to his porch, snickering. There was work to be done in the yard, but with his ambition blunted by beer and his fingers aching, Mancini instead switched on a soap opera and demolished a six pack of beer. A brief crooked grin crossed his face, then darkened. This little feud had gone beyond a game. Now they seemed bent on maiming each other. It's time for this stupidity to stop, Mancini thought, but he knew it would not. It was a matter of having the last laugh, of pride, of male ego, and of feelings Mancini did not fully understand. They had also become celebrities of a fashion with their respective groups of friends and to quit would be an admission of defeat. Mancini's group would expect his reply soon and plenty of money would change hands speculating on the nature and effectiveness of his prank. And so Mancini did not walk across the road and disconnect the wires, even though he knew they were now in dangerous territory. He dozed and was later awakened by the harsh sound of the Suburban up the road. Keegan was home! Mancini sat up and popped open a warm can of beer. The sun had set but Keegie's mailbox was still clearly visible in the tenebrous half light of dusk. Keegs pulled the Suburban into the driveway and stopped by the mailbox. Sonofabitch looks more like a pork barrel every day, Mancini thought as Keegan strutted to the mailbox in his pompous manner. Mancini sniggered. Keegan would be careful looking _inside_ the mailbox... Keegan grabbed the handle, stood dead still for an instant, then broke into a wild electrified jig, screaming like an old woman until he wrestled free of the current, dropping to the ground in an obese heap. Mancini fell backwards out of his chair laughing like a child. "Mancini you coward! I'll get you good! Just you wait, asshole!" "Hey Keegan, that dance woulda looked better if you were wearing a tutu, you fat prick!" "Next time I'll kill you, then we'll see who the prick is." Five days later, Mancini wheeled the Chevy pickup into his driveway and stepped out, appearing nonchalant but scrutinzing his mailbox carefully. Keegan was on his porch, watching. Mancini couldn't see him but knew he was there, the fat cherry of his cigar glowing bright in the dark porch. Mancini walked slowly to the mailbox. It looked okay. No wires or other trips evident. Taking no chances, he slipped on a pair of gloves, flipped on his flashlight, and crouched down, ready to look inside. It was probably another pile of dog shit...he opened the door... Mancini came to, either ten seconds or ten minutes later--he wasn't sure which--his nose broken, loose teeth floating around in his mouth, stars before his eyes, and the sound of Keegan's laughter ringing in his ears. "Hey Manweenie, who's the prick now?" Keegan bellowed. Mancini sat up slowly and looked around. A large spring lay sprawled in the gravel next to him, a rock bound with wire to the end of the spring. How Keegan had managed to compress it into the mailbox and hold it there, Mancini could not guess. It did not matter. It did not even matter that it probably wasn't intended for his face. "This is fucking war," Mancini muttered. Mancini spit two teeth out and yelled, "Keegan, you pervert, I'm going to kill you next time!" Keegan laughed all the louder. Well, maybe he wouldn't _kill_ Keegan, but he'd sure as hell maim him. Only fair considering the amount of time he would be spending at the dentist. It took Mancini a week to dream up the scheme, and another week to assemble the necessary equipment including a small .22 caliber pistol, a pulley, some wire, and a custom shaped piece of sheetmetal to secure the gun in place. The same day that Mancini finished collecting these items, a man walked into the local post office and requested that his mail be held for two days. He gave his address and identified himself as Michael Mancini. Two days later, Mancini watched at his window as Keegan pulled out to the road, flipped him off, and drove away. Convinced Keegan was gone for the day, Mancini went back to bed until the sun was high overhead. Hammer in hand, Mancini strolled to Keegan's mailbox, knocked it loose from the post, tucked it under his arm, and walked home. In the privacy of his workshop--a cubby hole in his garage stacked high with unfinished repairs, jars of nuts and bolts, old tools and odd fittings--he set about altering the mailbox. Mancini took his time, drinking beer and whistling tunelessly to Tex Ritter, constructing the device with surgical precision. Later, as he delicately placed the mailbox back on the post, Mancini had second thoughts, but they lasted only a moment. He mentally patted himself on the back and walked back to his porch to work on an ice cold sixpack. He had dozed off. The sun was gone, the sky darkened and furious, lightning arcing in great gashes to the west. Looked at his watch. Five o'clock, yet it was nearly dark under the clouds of the approaching storm. He then spotted the lights of the Suburban, bouncing on the rough road. Keegan rolled into the driveway, stopping to the sound of rubber ground on gravel. Thunder rumbled in the distance. Keegean walked to Mancini's mailbox, eyed it strangely, turned and pulled a long plastic rod from his truck, and used it to hook the door of his mailbox-- Mancini let his breath go audibly. He suddenly knew the gun was a terrible mistake... --and pulled it open. Nothing happened. Mancini again held his breath, sure Keegs would walk over and shoot him once he figured out what Mancini had done. In a sudden panic, Mancini jumped up to yell as Keegan crept towards the box in an awkward crouch, bringing his face level with the opening. The .22 fired then with a whip-sharp crack. Keegan fell backwards to the road, seemingly in slow motion. "Jesus Christ!" Mancini yelled. He had not planned on this. He never meant to kill Keegan, only to hurt him. Mancini ran up to the road where Keegan lay. He was dead. No doubt about it. His eyes stared wide at the sky, a small black hole dead center in his forehead. Mancini vacillated between running and calling the police, then decided to just grab a few things and split. Maybe for old times sake, or to tempt fate, or because of the way Keegan had looked at his box, or maybe for no reason at all, Michael Mancini walked to his mailbox one last time. Stopped and hesitated. Keegs couldn't have, he thought. He's been gone all day. It was my turn anyway... Mancini stood to one side and opened the box. He had the fleeting impression of long red sticks tied together in the mailbox--they looked like road flares--followed by the slow motion disintegration of the cheap aluminum box as a rushing sound reached his ears, the last sound Michael Mancini ever heard: *BOOM* Disclaimer: of course (snigger) the characters herein are fictitious. Any likeness to the living is somewhat accidental.
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